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Remodelling a 3500 kg lorry into a motorhome

Ready to enjoy as a motorhome

The inside of the lorry has been completely adapted to convert it into a motorhome with all the comforts of a motorhome in a vehicle that was originally for commercial use. All wooden interior, with beds and adjustable entrance stairs, kitchen and bathroom with shower. Installation of a folding TV stand and electrical sockets distributed throughout the vehicle. It also has air conditioning with air ducts in different locations for good ventilation and very comfortable spaces with cabinets adapted to the space available.

Conversion to motorhome

  • Liftable bunk
  • Adjustable entrance stairs
  • Skylight / top window
  • Air conditioning and ventilation ducts
  • Kitchen installation
  • Bathroom installation with shower
  • Three-metre exterior awning on the entire side
  • Cabinet installation/adaptation
  • Power points installed throughout the caravan