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Vehicle transformation

We make any project related to the bodywork sector a reality


Approved adaptations

All our interventions are certified by ITV


Access lift platforms

Ramps for the disabled in buses and vans

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Vehicle adaptation and conversion

The Company has been linked to the body work sector since it was founded, with a team of dynamic professionals who have extensive training and recognised experience.
Profcat is synonymous with the professionalism, reliability and commitment that is essential in a highly competitive market.

The Company carries out all kinds of adaptations and conversions on vehicles, including camper van customisations of vans, lorries and coaches, installing lifting platforms for the disabled and adapting any personalised element in your vehicle for installation.

Over time, PROFCAT has proven to be a leading, qualified and specialist company within the body work sector. With great experience and versatility, the company has the tools to offer each customer the solution to their requirements for their vehicle, however personalised they may be.


Profcat makes any project related to the body work sector a reality